Litigation process can be a challenging with its strict deadlines for reviewing discovery documents and tightness agenda at the court. SMART has developed a suite of specialized litigation support services designed to meet the needs of global litigation practices. Our services can be tailored to our client’s legal strategy. We will ensure you save your time and money and drive the services to its maximum efficiency.

SMART has strong collaboration with BP Lawyers Counselors at Law (“BPL”) which has vast experience in commercial litigation and arbitration disputes ranging from single-issue injunction cases to multimillion-dollar contract disputes, and also employment disputes in the full range of individual and collective labor conflicts. SMART and BPL will secure your business deals in every business aspect.

SMART offers solutions to support the entire litigation case lifecycle, including but not limited the following areas Arbitration, general litigation, Family Law, Manpower and Police Reporting. We can also assist you in post-trial with any wrap-up issues or appeal discussions.

SMART Litigation Support Services include:

  • Discovering, examining and analyzing information, intelligence and raw data to realize its evidentiary potential
  • Identifying and tracing assets
  • Obtaining court clearance
  • Preparing legal claim and other court documents
  • Attending the Court Hearing & Court Reporting


Legal issues for common people are complex, SMART will provide its appropriate assistance to help you deal with any kind of legal issues. SMART have a group of lawyers with their best skills to handle your issues.

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