For years, legal due diligence only used in IPO affairs. Currently, Legal Due Diligence (LDD) has become a need of a company in the process of decision making on both corporate’s transactions or action.

SMART understands that in the LDD process, companies are required to have qualified delegations partners. Our LDD services might help you in facilitating the work of ours clients, both from legal office or company.

Why not consider engaging the service? SMART will provide the necessary reports even without issuing opinions. However, with delegating LDD’s time-consuming tasks, you can focus on making the analysis of its reports and then you can consider it before making the right business decision or give appropriate advices.


Aside from the need to get a lawyer, paralegal services can assist you in doing research in the law field, obtaining court clearance certificates.To map legal compliance either in permit part or business entity licensing, paralegal services can fulfil your needs.

If you are a foreign company owner or a foreign citizen, you need someone who can be trusted to conduct some research to find out all the things you need to start your business or know more about social activities in Indonesia.

If you are the owner of a law firm or a company owner, and you want to obtain a court clearance certificates that you need for LDD report on the district court in all cities in Indonesia, without a doubt, we will help you reduce your cost without having to send your legal staff, running out of time while they are on the way and when they were needed to do their tasks.

The benefits of LDD & Paralegal services from SMART:

  1. Effective : Because the legal process is done by a qualified law team who has a great experience on LDD project.
  2. Cost Efficiency : All the tasks are handled by qualified partner with effective legal cost.
  3. Time Efficiency : Your Company can focus on your main business.


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