Applying Work Permit will consume your time and energy. SMART can be your best solutions to save your time in completing forms and dealing with government agencies for a Work Permit.

SMART provide you a complete services to ensure you get the permit you needed. We will handle all steps needed for the permit as below:

  • Collect the required documents for applications
  • Fill out all forms
  • Submit applications and fees
  • Monitor and keep you informed of status until completion

Our team help you to avoid costly delays in obtaining required Expatriate Work Permit. Therefore, SMART’s experience and expertise minimizes the chance of rejection so you don’t experience unnecessary delays to your business operations or obscurity to be able you or your Foreign employees to work or stay in Indonesia.

SMART fully understand that gaining work permit for your foreign employees can be exhausted. SMART have a team to make it simple. Do not wait to contact us today!

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