Dealing with company’s administrative needs is an important requirements to obtain legal certainty in favor of the company’s survival. To keep the quality of administrative fulfillment, a company needs a specialized expert to handle it.


  1. Developing Effectiveness as the legal process is handled by qualified human resources who are competent and experienced;
  2. Supporting cost efficiency. Companies do not have to spend high cost to hire specific employees to deal with administration and business licensing.  the job will be handled by qualified partner with effective legal cost;
  3. creating time efficiency so that your company can keep your priority and focus on your business activities;
  4. providing legal advises.

Find specific services. You’ll discover a fully integrated firm, staffed by attorneys and professionals who routinely collaborate across a variety of practice areas. SMART have undertaken legal matters in various business sectors, believe in high moral and legal ethics and confidentiality, and SMART understand the needs of law firms and corporations when dealing with legal matters.


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