Industrial Relation Legal Services 

(Employment & Labor Laws)

Secure Your Business by Establishing Good Relationship Between Company and Employees.

One of the most essential area to secure in running a business, as well as executing a project is the relationship between the Company and their Employees. SMART services in Employment and Labor Laws is aimed to ensure that the Company becomes aware and implements the laws and regulations in the best way for both the Company and its Employees.

"To ensure that the company becomes aware and implements the laws and regulations in the best way for both the Company and its Employees"

Scope of Services

Our services include, but not limited to legal assistance in:

1) Drafting / Reviewing Employment Contracts (Temporary, Permanent)

2) Drafting / Reviewing Partnership Contracts (Professional/Consultant Employment)

3) Drafting / Reviewing Company Regulation, Personnel Policies, and KPIs

4) Registration of Employment Contract and Company Regulation

5) Regulatory Update on Employment and Labor Laws Implementations

6) Social Security / BPJS Registration and Arrangements

7) Advisory Services on Employment and Labor Laws Implementation, including Working Conditions, Severance Conditions, and Settlement Matters

8) Advisory Services on Labor Disputes, with optional representation services for Client as required, whether to the Court and/or to the Employees

9) Application of Work Permit (IMTA), Stay Permit (KITAS) and Business Visa for Foreign Employees


One of the biggest benefit in working with SMART is that our Client-oriented services ensures a thorough understanding on the needs of the Client, thereby minimizing extra costs and giving the best legal solution for our Client.

Our strict code of conducts will endure that all corporate legal services is given without compromising legal integrity. We always give our best efforts in providing the most constructive ways for our Client, to avoid future issues for your business.


SMART Legal Consulting is an Indonesian corporate legal services provider in Indonesia. SMART has an up-to-date experience of handling Clients corporate legal services. Our experience allows us to give you our best efforts and solutions in assisting your Company to achieve your goals.

Our experience helps us to work creatively to adjust to the Client legal corporate needs, as well as to mitigate business risk and ensuring legal compliance. Feel Free to Contact Us NOW!

Fairus Harris Senior Associate
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