Drafting Service for Online Business Digital Agreement.

    More and more businesses are now using online platforms to engage with customers and clients. SMART aims to assist Company and business owners to secure their online businesses by helping them to draft their legal policies for their business. SMART also assist Clients in complying with the most up-to-date Indonesian laws and regulations concerning Information Technology, Online Consumer Protection, Data Protection, and Electronic System Operation.


    Our services include, but not limited to legal assistance in:

    1) Drafting / Reviewing Digital Agreements

    a. Terms and Conditions

    b. Terms of Service Use

    c. Privacy Policy

    d. Services / Earnings Disclaimer

    2) Drafting / Reviewing Partnership Agreements (w/ Merchants, Vendors)

    3) Registration of Electronic System Operation Certificate at the Ministry of Communication and Information

    4) Regulatory Update on IT, Data Protection, and Online Business Operation

    5) Legal Advisory Services on Information Technology, Online Business, Data Protection, Electronic System Operation


    One of the biggest benefit in working with SMART is that our Client-oriented services ensures a thorough understanding on the needs of the Client, thereby minimizing extra costs and giving the best legal solution for our Client.

    Our strict code of conducts will endure that all corporate legal services is given without compromising legal integrity. We always give our best efforts in providing the most constructive ways for our Client, to avoid future issues for your business. 


    SMART Legal Consulting is an Indonesian corporate legal services provider in Indonesia. SMART has an up-to-date experience of handling Clients corporate legal services. Our experience allows us to give you our best efforts and solutions in assisting your Company to achieve your goals.

    Our experience helps us to work creatively to adjust to the Client legal corporate needs, as well as to mitigate business risk and ensuring legal compliance.

    Enjoy THE BEST EXPERIENCE Working with SMART, ​Get in Touch With Us NOW!

Fairus Harris Senior Associate
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