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SMART Legal Consulting is an Indonesian Corporate Lawyers Firm in Jakarta (SMART) which provides one-stop legal solution for everyone who run business in Indonesia. Consisting of professionals, SMART focuses on providing effective and the best solutions and being your full time partner for the development and sustainability of your business.

SMART is offering a wide range of services to domestic and international clients interested in business development in Indonesia with minimal ease of effort. Further, SMARTwill give you all the benefits in partnership and proper goals in supporting your business activities.

That is why SMART would like to present ourself as your partner in dealing with corporate legal services to help you with efficient and resources, especially with more affordable budget. And at SMART, we form long-term relationships with our clients by effectively counseling our clients in all aspects of their legal service needs.


  • SMART has the patience in dealing with complicated corporate structure and always have the solution to every problem we face. Therefore, we use SMART services because SMART has the experience and expertise that we need.
  • When we appoint SMART to support our business, our legal documents are done as requested. Besides,  I also got educated on how the system works because their associate and partner are helpful.
    Freddy Gunawinata | CEO
    PT. Doqar Tekno Media
  • "Our company has been engaging with SMART Legal Consulting services for more than one year, really appreciated on their professionalism, prompt response and on time providing the documents. The personel are helpful and attentive to our request. They provide competitive charges for their service. We will continue to use them as our business expands.“

    Annie Yeoh | Project Operation Manager
    Yoke Food Industries Sdn Bhd
  • SMART Legal Consulting give comprehensive information/search for law & regulations relating to land and licenses”
    Andi Ilyas | Legal Counsel in Multinational Company
  • SMART provide the reasonable service fee and competitive. SMART personnel is extremely Proactive (with up to date legal news), Easy to contact and Fast follow up.”
    Katarina Arifin | HR Planning, System & Policy Manager
    Dynapack Indonesia
  • SMART Legal Consulting (SMART) has known as one of remarkable law service provider. So many recommendations from others company also. SMART personnel have been extremely professional & helpful, so it make us comfortable and easy when we are processing the documents.

    We conclude that SMART Professional, on time deadline, easy process (documents & others), that’s why we trust to use SMART service continuously.”

    Rudolfo Tria Perez | Indonesia Chief Rep. Office
    K-Swiss International Manufacturing Ltd
  • SMART Legal Consulting provides state of the art services in legal and administrative matters. I have been using their services for more than a year now and have really appreciated their high degree of professionalism in all of their activities. It has been a real pleasure to work with them. They continue to provide us with innovative and instant solutions to the new challenges that come up for our company. I would highly recommend their services to any one in the legal domain as they do a brilliant job in achieving targets within timelines.

    Business Development Director, Asia | AdvanGram
    PT. AdvanGram Engineering Indonesia


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